Community Engagement


Research & Assessment

Comprehensive research is conducted in preparation for the development of a strategic Community Engagement Plan. The Collaborative Firm utilizes the research and assessment phase to gain a clear understanding of the project, affected areas, key stakeholders and community influencers. We also rely on our extensive knowledge of cities and counties throughout the Atlanta region and the state of Georgia acquired through working with clients in these respective areas.


Public Outreach

The Collaborative Firm works with public and private sector clients to execute successful communications plans in an effort to support planning, program management and development initiatives. Public Involvement professionals will develop, coordinate and implement community-based initiatives that define and articulate the interests of the community and stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to: Planning, organizing and implementing key strategic public outreach activities; preparing public involvement plans and activities, including community and town hall meetings and special events; serving as a liaison with overall communication between clients and stakeholders; preparing reports, newsletters, press releases and other printed and/or collateral materials. In addition, firm professionals utilize traditional and nontraditional media to launch and sustain effective public outreach.


Measuring Results

The Collaborative Firm employs a reliable method for measuring the effectiveness of outreach campaigns. The firm achieves client goals and objectives based on designated criteria including timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness and overall client satisfaction.