Moreland-Bouldercrest-Cedar Grove Plan

DeKalb County

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Moreland-Bouldercrest-Cedar Grove Plan
DeKalb County, Georgia

The southwestern corner of DeKalb County, which encompasses the southern portion of Moreland Avenue, Bouldercrest Road and Cedar Grove Road, boasts a rich heritage with residential neighborhoods and industrial uses dating back to the mid-1930s. Although this region has cultivated steady population growth, this particular area has experienced a decline in the commercial areas, as well as a lack of investment in infrastructure.
The Collaborative Firm was engaged by DeKalb County, on the heels of the success of the Scottdale Revitalization Plan, to produce a plan that would guide redevelopment in this area of southwest DeKalb.
The Collaborative Firm was selected to conduct a community-led planning study for the Moreland-Bouldercrest-Cedar Grove area in South DeKalb County. The plan is intended to promote economic development and redevelopment of these key areas within South DeKalb County, identify strengths and opportunities within the community, and address some key concerns of area residents and business owners. An assessment of existing conditions within the study area was conducted and extensive public involvement efforts were made in order to pinpoint specific needs and set a course to achieve the community’s vision for the area.
Upon completion of the Moreland-Bouldercrest-Cedar Grove Plan, The Collaborative Firm’s civil engineers and planners worked closely with the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management to identify and prioritize water, wastewater and stormwater improvements that would be necessary to support future growth in the area based on the future development plan outlined in the plan document.

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