Clayton County Zoning Ordinance and Overlays

Zoning Ordinance Update and Overlay Districts
Clayton County, Georgia

Clayton County

Years Performed:

Located just south of Atlanta, Clayton County is home to a large portion of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, bustling commercial corridors, residential subdivisions and rural vistas. With a desire to improve development while simultaneously protecting select rural areas, the County secured The Collaborative Firm to lead the update to the Clayton County Zoning Ordinance.

Through this engagement, Firm professionals produced a modern, user-friendly Zoning Ordinance, Tree Preservation Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. Additionally, zoning overlay districts were established for six critical areas within the County.

The Firm launched an intense collaborative approach, which included an array of public open houses and workshops, as well as formal work sessions with County officials. The results of these meetings were used to compose the text of the new ordinance, which eliminated unnecessary restrictions on development, while still preserving the County’s rural areas. In addition to the new Zoning Ordinance, the Firm coordinated with County officials and citizens to establish six new overlay districts along the Highway 138, Highway 42, Highway 54, and Tara Boulevard Corridors, as well as in the Cherry Hills and Panhandle areas.

Upon the adoption of the new Zoning Ordinance, The Collaborative Firm was selected to provide the County Planning Department with a Staff Extension. During this assignment, the Firm coached and assisted the existing staff to streamline and enhance the County’s permitting application procedures, subdivision and zoning tracking processes, enforcement procedures, and customer service.

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