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Planning & Zoning Services Clayton County, Georgia


In response to changing economic conditions, Clayton County reorganized its planning and zoning department and enlisted the help of consultant services to perform some of the current and long-range planning services, while also expanding the scope to some additional planning efforts. The Collaborative Firm was selected based on its experience in the County and expertise with both long-range and current of planning.


As a partner to Clayton County, The Collaborative Firm provides a range of professional planning services to Clayton County, including, among others:  a variety of current planning and zoning services, 5-Year update to the Northwest Clayton LCI, development of the Highway 42 and Highway 54 Design Guidelines and Zoning Ordinance text, and any other planning and zoning activities as identified by the County.


The Collaborative Firm currently provides the County with two urban planners with extensive professional planning experience and knowledge of the County’s Zoning Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and various development review and approval processes.  These professionals are dedicated to providing high quality assistance to the public at the County’s Planning & Zoning counter, as well as responding to phone call and email inquiries.  In addition, the planners are responsible to review, comment, and draft staff reports for a variety of administrative and quasi-judicial development applications.  This includes coordination, attendance, and representation at County meetings.  Planning staff has also worked on other projects, including Historic Preservation Ordinance research, proposed re-writes to the County’s Sign and Development Standards Ordinances, and annual updates to the County’s Zoning Map.           

In February 2011, the Firm’s planners and urban designer began the process of creating Design Guidelines for the County’s Highway 42 Overlay District.  The process included research of the existing conditions, a series of meetings and presentations to the Steering Committee, a community visioning design workshop and final community meeting, developing rehabilitation architectural renderings, and drafting the Design Guidelines and Zoning Ordinance text.

The Firm’s planners were instrumental in preparing the 5-Year Update for the Northwest Clayton LCI. The adoption of this document brought the County in compliance with requirements of the LCI program, thereby making it eligible to receive LCI supplemental and implementation funds

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