City of East Point Capital Improvement Program

City of East Point

Years Performed:
September 2006-Present

Major Milestone Dates
Actual (Original):

Design Start: September 2008
Design Completion: December 2009
Const. Start: 2010
Const. Completion: 2014

PM Contract Amount
Actual (Original):
$7.6 million

Construction Contract Amount Actual (Original):
$51 million

City of East Point Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

East Point, Georgia

The City of East Point’s Capital Improvement Program represents an ongoing process of evaluation and repair of the City’s water and sewer infrastructure. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes engineering studies, design and construction, and public involvement services in support of program activities.

Scope of Services
The Collaborative Firm provides public involvement services in support of the City of East Point’s Capital Improvement Program. The Firm utilizes a variety of communications tools that sustain an effective, ongoing public engagement program that involves City residents, elected officials and other key stakeholders.

Value-Added Accomplishments
The Collaborative Firm developed and implemented strategic communications plans that serve as platforms for all public involvement activities. The plans were designed to effectively communicate relevant aspects of the Capital Improvement Program to stakeholders, affected neighborhoods and other key entities while engaging the community and establishing a process to receive community input and address public concerns.

The Firm effectively developed and implemented a Communications Action Plan, Water Conservation Community Awareness Plan and a Public Involvement Plan for the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) program. In addition, the Firm initiated and managed public involvement activities for Priority Stormwater projects, Emergency Response projects and the 2-inch and 4-inch Water Main project where the Firm was responsible for planning and coordinating four community meetings for the purpose of informing residents who will be directly impacted by the construction plans associated with the water main pipe upgrades. Other projects that the Firm is currently working on for the City’s Capital Improvement Program include an Engineering Standards Manual for business owners and developers interested in conducting business with the City and marketing and public relations awareness for the City’s Back Flow Prevention Program.

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