Amanda Clement


Bachelor of Arts, Integrative Studies

Clayton State University,

Morrow, Georgia


Associate of Arts, Education

Gordon State College,

Barnesville, Georgia


American Planning Association

Assistant Director, Planning & Economic Development

Amanda has a broad range of experience providing governmental services at the city, county and state level with planning experience in zoning, subdivision and land use regulations, development review, project management and code enforcement.  Amanda’s experience comes from several years working in the public sector and being involved in various aspects of local government administration.


Board of Zoning Appeals Coordinator

Amanda oversaw the management and coordination of Arlington County, Virginia’s variance and special exception use permit program.  Through this coordination Amanda was responsible for evaluating property conditions pursuant to the state code and zoning ordinance, training staff in analyzing variance requests, reviewing staff reports for technical accuracy and consistency of approach, and presenting findings before the board at monthly meetings.  In addition to this she was also responsible for assisting the county’s Community Planning, Housing and Development Department in analyzing trends in applications to determine whether changes to the zoning ordinance should be considered, conducting policy research, and preparing official determinations as to the interpretation of the county’s zoning ordinance and the county’s policies and procedures pertaining to planning, zoning, and land use and development.

Site Plan Review

In the role of site plan reviewer for Arlington County, Virginia, Amanda served as a County liaison for complex multi-parcel/building developments.  Her responsibilities and project oversight commenced at the time of legislative approval and carried through the construction phase to project completion.  Through this project coordination, she was responsible for tracking the developer’s compliance with site specific conditions throughout development and at project milestones as set by the county board.  Amanda performed comprehensive reviews of architectural plans and civil site plans that were submitted with associated development permits and ensured that they remained consistent with the intent of the prior board approval and the county’s master plans.  Maintaining an ongoing interaction with the developer’s team of professional engineers, architects, contractors and attorneys was essential to a project’s success and was managed through the scheduling of regular project status meetings.

Zoning Coordinator, Planning and Zoning Analyst

As the Zoning Coordinator and Planning and Zoning Analyst for the City of Pinellas Park, Florida, Amanda provided planning services for the city which involved leading discussions on development of land parcels and determining applicable code provisions and city policies; preparing reports on land development cases to include Land Use Plan Map amendments, rezonings, planned unit development overlays, preliminary and final subdivision plats, conditional uses and variances; presenting findings to the city’s Board of Adjustments and Planning Commission; and conducting residential and commercial building permit plan reviews to ensure conformance with the zoning ordinance and other land development regulations.

City Clerk

Amanda served as a City Clerk for the City of Morrow, Georgia performing the statutory duties of a clerk and ensuring that the administrative responsibilities of the city were carried out in a prompt, efficient, and lawful manner.  This included maintaining the minute, ordinance, and resolution books, acting as the custodian of the city’s seal and records, and attending council and committee meetings.  Amanda also maintained an awareness of constantly changing laws, rules, and regulations governing various aspects of city administration, and responded to inquiries about city business, ordinances, and policies.